Frail looking, soft spoken, boyish, man, who totally banged a bear


He’s very soft spoken and rather frail looking (although this is not the case). He’s much more hardy than he looks, but you’d never really know it. Under all the robes he is sculpted for his body type, but he almost never removes the robes of his order outside of his home. He keeps a quarterstaff on his person mostly for a walking aid when traveling great distances, and as a tool to help him climb the mountainous area of the north he calls home. He keeps a set of plain brown robes distinguished only by the runic pattern running around the robes in a twisting fashion. He also wears a silver medallion shaped like a flame, there is a bright green gem in the center. Being from the North, he wears a set of furs beneath his robes for warmth and comfort. He tends to keep them on even in warmer climates since they remind him of home. He consistently travels with various medical supplies, and his bible.


He grew up in the north under a family of great fighters. Unfortunately he did not share his father and brother’s proclivity to combat, so he instead was raised to be a priest in the order of the three. He was a boy of poor constitution, and the harsh mountain climate left him often sick. He spent all his time sick receiving home schooling from his mother (who was also a priest) and studying various tomes and religious texts. Eventually his body adapted to the harsh climates, leaving him with a tough constitution. He roams around the land helping those in need, and spreading the word of the three to anyone who wouldn’t mind listening. In his travels, he happened to meet up with his cousin Eze’kiel by pure coincidence.


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