A tall and wild looking knight, he looks like a culture shock.


A tall, lean man with a toned and sculpted body, this man is handsome and charming to the every man. He has as neat, trimmed beard, and tied back long hair. He has a greatsword worn at the hip, wears a take on the traditional Northmen look adapted for the warmer climate of the South. A kilt and gambeson of similar color, a collared shirt, high boots: he dressed and represents himself as a Knight of Sungaard. A wolf’s brooch is pinned to his collar. He has a horse for travel that carries his bedroll, food supplies, and various other goods. He looks as a noble does in dress, walks as a Knight does, and knows exactly how to speak to the commoner and count alike.


Eze’kiel is a superstitious warrior who guards his name carefully, hence, the initial lack of introduction… What is known, is that he’s an man in his mid-twenties who wears a sigil denoting his allegiance to the migrant people in the Southern Empire called Oren, of the city of Sungaard. He claims to be a Knight and eagerly joined up with these new adventurers to defeat the Smiling Bandits.

Eze’kiel is on a quest to save his Kingdom from the Storm and his neighbors to the South. He fled his home to seek out allies, armies, and warriors, to both quell whatever has taken his home, and protect it once they’ve retaken it. He has since revealed to the party that he is son of Alduin Tarus, King of the North, and comes from a long-lineage of chiefs, sorcerers, and warriors, but must protect his identity from his enemies.


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