Tovyn Antellus (Deceased)

A large man clad in heavy black plates, his helm bears the face of a snarling devil.


helm.jpgA large man made all the larger with the dark Hellknight plate coating him from head to toe. Beneath the ferocious visage of his black helmet, Tovyn is fairly average in appearance, a man of obvious common birth. When he speaks, a distinct Chelish accent can be heard in his low, growling voice.


Now Aspirator of the Godsclaw Hellknights, Tovyn was born in the town of Oakhaven on the western edge of Asternia. Tovyn was a quiet boy who spent most of his time alone, reading or chopping firewood from the mighty oaks his town was named for. When he was 14 a group of bandits attacked his town and he witnessed the gruesome transformation as a bandit turned into a monster, destroying Tovyn’s house with the young man trapped inside. He escaped, but not without paying a price. Oakhaven was quickly rescued by a Hellknight excursion team that happened to be in the area. Tovyn joined their ranks as a squire and has lived amongst the Hellknights of the Order of the Godclaw for six years in Cheliax. He has recently returned to Asternia on a mission to rout the vicious Red Smile bandits, by any means necessary.

During the battle of Fort Ash, Tovyn sacrificed himself to ensure Julia was able to bring the fortress down upon the majority of the Red Smile forces.

Tovyn Antellus (Deceased)

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