Asternia, Augor, and Oren

Glendale: Why I Don't Really Miss Home


Glendale reminds me so much of what I missed about living among the people of my homeland, well being out of prison in general I guess. The people are good and honest, not afraid to do what they have to. Glendale also reminds me why I don't miss it at all. After meeting with John Norsom, Eze'kiel and I went to the local general shop to get equipment to barricade John's house while he was away (possibly permanently). The shopkeep seemed rightly nervous about the storm and was also rightly doubting in the emperor's mystic hullabaloo, but his wife was full in the grip of Oreni brainwashing. Poor lass was so convinced of the Bastard-of-Bastard's power that she considered staying home in the face of that gods-awful storm. Fuckin hells I hate what the emperor has done to my people. Until the emperor can be replaced, my part is to save as many people as I can from this damned storm and the emperor's corruption. Under the Master's teachings I will find strength within my body and mind so that I may share it with all those I meet. Only together can we overcome the storm.


almostGiovanni Faultywhale

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