Other NPCs


A petite woman with pale skin and cheeks covered in freckles. Typically wearing black and red robes, the uniform of Asmodeus’s Signifiers.
Tressa is the head Signifier of Fort Ash. She worked alongside Austier, but after his murder at the hands of the Sorceress, Tressa has become the head of what forces remain at Fort Ash.

A lanky, scrappy looking woman with short black hair
Winh is one of the northerners that escaped Augor with the aid of Juliah

A tall, half-orc man with a strong underbite and a nice jacket
An unknown agent who asked for information about Falcon’s Peak’s royal tunnels from Ezekiel and Tariel. When they denied him the information he sought, he had the Northerners interned in the asylum kidnapped to be held as ransom.

A short woman with jet black hair in a sleek ponytail. She is adorned in colorful armor and carries a spear with a banner attached, depicting Falcon’s Peak’s Crest.
Ecin is an elite member of Falcon Peak’s Color Guard and Lucius Valemont II’s personal protector.

A stout, older man in traditional highlander regalia
Walhelm is one of the Northerners that Julia escorted from the storm.

Ordin and Elle
An oreni couple in their 30s
Ordin ran the general store in Glendale. When he learned that the party was leaving, he asked them to convince his pregnant wife to flee with them. Though she agreed, they seem to be having some kind of trouble.

A middle aged woman with striking red hair
Galia is Eze’kiels mother. She had fled from the storm to Glendale, and was brought to the caravan.

John Norsem
A short, overweight man with whitening hair and a spotty beard
John is a loud, boisterous man from Augor.

Other NPCs

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