Rione Jane

Bounty Hunter


A scarred, gritty woman in her 40s with tight, curly red hair. She wears a duster over her armor and is decked with a variety of firearms and weapons.


Rione is a prolific bounty hunter from Drakespire. She’s been hired by Rivennon Estate to recover Apolline, promised 10,000g and the job of Huntsmaster of Hartsford upon completion. She is aided by her horse Indigo, her dog Saldon, and her hawk Ruby.

After the party’s encounter in the Red Smile caves, Rione took advantage of their situation. When Apolline refused to come with her, she attacked a weakened Harald and Appoline while Eze’kiel and Tariel were off searching for their horses. She attempted to leave with Apolline, but Eze’kiel and Harald caught up and freed Apolline. Rione managed to escape.

Rione was encountered again while the party was traveling through the storm, in the Path of Wounds. There were many shadowed copies of her, and one more substantial. Harald called upon Ator to protect her mind, allowing the shadows to be dispatched. She was then rendered unconscious.

When awoken, Rione proved to be quiet insane. She believed she had captured or killed members of the party multiple times over. She was convinced Ezekiel had cut off her arm, despite still having all of her limbs. When she began to injure herself, the party tied her and left her in somewhere she couldn’t inflict self harm. Once they left, Rione commanded Saldon to bite off her restraints.

Uncured by the passing of the Storm, Rione and her fractured selves still seek out Appoline in a bid to return to normalcy.

Rione Jane

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