An affinity for gold


A woman of northern descent stands tall with a relaxed confidence. She is layered in quilted robes, reminiscent of old Augorian style. In her hands is a golden arrow sized for an elvish longbow, wielded like a staff. A vein of gold extends from her neck, to the back of her head.


Mantra is a powerful member of the Hands of Morighean. She wields the Golden Arrow, a relic used to seal the demon Amachator. With it she has transformed members of the Red Smiles into Grins, her own agents of chaos.

She was encountered during the Battle of Fort Ash, where she referred to Eze’kiel and Tariel as “the false sons”, saying their rights to Augor are illegitimate, and that the rightful ruler is in the process of taking over. Using her magic, she debilitated each member of the party, transmuting parts of their body to gold.

A bible was discovered in Mantra’s chambers in the Red Smile caves. Along with the bible were two gold wrought ‘paintings’ on the cave’s walls. One was of Morighean, the other of a small, hunched, shriveled humanoid.


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